Brand Advisory

Branding is like parenting. Brands need to be nurtured just like babies.

Sales & Distribution

Many awesome products do not reach their potential numbers due to sub-standard distribution network.

People Practise

Sales & Marketing people are a sensitive lot and need special handling.

“The lunatic is in my head.
Recast...till I’m sane!”

We set out on this BehindTheMoon journey at the turn of the millennium (in biological terms that makes us younger than the millennials). All we had was this crazy passion to set Brands, Sales & Distribution pieces in place for anyone who called for us. Our initial years were spent in explaining to people what a Brand Strategist does and how the Brand’s Architecture is the fountainhead of everything that happens in marketing and advertising. In fact we believed that Marketing & Advertising were actually subservient to Brand Strategy.

It got us a lot of flak but some progressive thinking Clients who have become friends for life (we take immense pride in the fact that most of our Clients work with us repeatedly). The journey got interesting and our roller-coaster ride continued to thrill us to bits. As the saying goes – one thing led to another and we soon realised that the world demands a world out of Marketing & Sales professionals and offers little by the way of enhancing their capabilities – and that’s when we added the people practise to the Brand Advisory and Sales & Distribution Advisory.

But one thing stayed unchanged...surprisingly. The lunatic is still in our heads! Such is life BehindTheMoon!

Oh! A Coffee & some good Conversation to go along with it.

We simply love good, engaging conversations. We use conversations to grab consumer insights. Unconventional – yes! But it works. We believe that a good conversation is much more than mundane responses to questionnaires. The flow of energy between two people conversing or within a group enjoying a good conversation is terrific. We rely heavily on the ‘meaningful conversations’ we have with prospects and consumers. These conservations are simplistic and the endeavour is to make these interesting for the beholder.

Such conversations also allow us to go beyond just words – we map that glitter in the eyes (and even that boredom yawn!), That meaningful silence between phrases (and that brain-freeze blackout) and the body language. We borrow a little bit from that awesome tool that was once extremely popular – Laddering. Laddering used to be a technique that was used in gathering insights by probing in a manner that allowed one to understand the way in which the respondent constructs his or her world. Often the entire probe emerges out of the respondent’s response in a seemingly casual conversation.

We observe people, meet up with them as casual co-customers, engage with them in meaningful conversations and seek evidence. These ‘meaningful conversations’ were then filtered and clubbed in to Values, Attributes, Aspirations and Consequences (VAAC) - to arrive at insights that lead to most of our recommendations. As a cross-checking mechanism we also carried out parallel conversations (using the same Laddering technique) that are intense one-on- one with people in a controlled environment to ratify our findings. We have been using ‘meaningful conversations’ for our popular study ‘Cool Hunt’ that maps the aspirations of young Indians (people in the age group of 14 to 34 years) for over a decade now.