Welcome to the world of Marketing Academy’s Discussion & Debate – M.A.D.D.

M.A.D.D. is an informal platform where practising marketing professionals (even professionals with Marketing orientation – and there are quite a handful of them!) get together in a huddle and yap! People at M.A.D.D. - sometimes they make sense and sometimes they bullshit! But it is worth its while.

Nurtured by BehindTheMoon (expect us to be flirting with something as weird as this) - M.A.D.D. happens irregularly once in a blue moon.

There have been many M.A.D.D. huddles so far in the past two years or so. As per the ground rules till about the 6th M.A.D.D. – it was forbidden to post anything on social media (so don’t bother doing a google!). Each huddle lasts no more than 75 minutes and each invitee is supposed to put across her or his point of view on the topic that’s up for discussion and debate. And somehow, every time we land up making sense to most participants without conclusively proving a thing!
One gets onto a M.A.D.D. Huddle strictly by invitation. Whenever you have gathered your thoughts and wits and are willing to churn these into a point of view – we’d love to have you over. Just send us a text or a mail and an Invite will follow. And yes, there is Chai and Coffee on the house!

M.A.D.D. #9

Slowdown impacts Brands which r vulnerable. Strong Brands seek/find opportunities even then at M.A.D.D.#9
Is Slow-down a good time for re-visiting the Brand’s architecture...and restructure it, if needed? This is what we debated at M.A.D.D.#9

M.A.D.D. #8

M.A.D.D.#8 on Segmentation is Dead. Long Live Segmentation! A rare moment when two of our most vociferous speakers were quiet.
Segmentation is Dead. Long Live Segmentation discussed & debated over coffee+samosas @ MADD#8 Need 2 relook at how segmentation is understood/used by marketers. Consensus built on to need 2 redefine.

M.A.D.D. #7

Consistency, Simplicity & Transparency are brand attributes that can be phenomenal hooks in ensuring that a brand endures. M.A.D.D.#7 on t challenges to brand endurance in today's world.
So we got discussing Brands that have endured and got to #Miele - a brand that's endured for over a century.

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