We firmly believe that any organisation which can translate its collective wisdom into people-capabilities and competencies can genuinely claim to be greater than the sum of all the talent its people possess. We also believe that any people development programme that is conceived with the narrow vision of either ‘keeping folks engaged’ or ‘lowering the attrition’ is not being completely honest to the purpose of people- development. There is a lot that goes in to making people transcend to the next level of competence for the first barrier such initiatives need to break is of assigning short-term goals.

We, at BehindTheMoon, genuinely believe that the soul of all people initiatives has to be complete honesty of purpose. That’s one reason why we get so soaked in to the entire process right from content creation to delivery of all our programmes – be it Coaching, Conducting Workshops of Conceptualising & Managing Development Centres. The intent being to amplify the zeal to belong, upgrade and excel in humans.


Humans have the ability to take on difficult challenges once they understand the worth of their contributions. Our approach to coaching is laced in this belief. By stimulating the candidate's imagination – we help them transcend to a new level of self-awareness. This practice is all about pushing candidates to attempt what they are most apprehensive of undertaking though inside of their brains they know they ought to be performing those deeds.

We have a distinguished panel of coaches on our call (we would love to showcase some of our work done as Coaches but respect of our wards compels us to maintain confidentiality).


We conduct Workshops on Sales Function, Marketing & Branding and on Customer Centricity. All our workshops are client-specific and to a brief. The content for most of our workshops is developed by our Director, Giraj. While conducting these sessions, Giraj uses a propriety tool – Mirror Imaging. Mirror Imaging is a simple tool that facilitates the participants' to map their own profiles and competencies to get a realistic assessment of self.

This works very well as it allows for a correction of self-image, a better realization of their skill-set, areas of development and their own true potential.

The Workshops thus allow for setting up of individual development agendas with the sessions facilitating setting up direction and path for self-development. We also manage some interesting learning platform through our affiliate organization 2NotchesUp Academy LLP.

Development Centres

Competencies reflect the behaviours that a person carries out to achieve specific performance objectives - these objectives can either be actions to achieve specific organisational results or actions to support general facets of an organisation’s culture and strategy. The focus is necessarily on behaviours as opposed to only consequences, outcomes or tasks accomplishments.

The level of performance of an individual (task accomplishments or results), over a slightly longer duration, is governed by behaviour and, therefore, by competencies. And these behaviours are necessarily beyond the functional knowledge and skills that a Leader or Manager may possess. Competencies’ mapping makes it possible for any dynamic organisation to clearly spell out general concepts such as performance, excellence and effectiveness into clearly specified behaviours thereby making it easier to observe or assess.

We work closely with each Client to identify (if need be), define or tweak the set of competencies and develop a ‘construct’ that’s specific to the brief – all in sync with the vision and culture orientation of the organisation. Our tools are engaging and these range from being playful to being taxing. Such a range allows us to map behaviour through not just changed situations but also through changed pressure situations and ‘asks’. We are extremely proud of our constructs, seamless execution of the Development Centres we have conducted and the panellists we have are, arguably, the best in the business.