We have been working on improving efficacies and efficiencies of Trade Channels and Distribution systems across categories. We have a propriety tool, CARE, to evaluate the strength of a Distribution System basis factors such as Relationships, RoI to Trade, Engagement (Financial as well as Emotional), Endurance among others. CARE moves much beyond Weighted Distribution (WD) Data to allow us to objectively measure the strength of any Channel Network.

CARE is done state-wise or zone-wise and the turn-around time depends on the geography. Typically for a state of the size of Punjab – we could wrap up the entire Study in 4 weeks covering every district. Companies have found this tool extremely helpful to strategise their short-term to mid-term Channel & Distribution strategy or events. Other than CARE – we have also assisted in facilitating creation of Distribution & Channel Network for both domestic and multi-national brands within India.

Since Channel Management is complex and dynamic - Sales persons need to make sense of the noise in the markets and act as the bridge between the channel and the company. This warrants that the Sales team needs to upgrade and up-skill continuously. Over many full moons, we have not only worked out Channel Management strategies but have also worked labouriously to align their sales teams. And we have worked in diverse industries ranging from fast-moving-consumer-goods to consumer durable, fashion, packaged foods, telecom, and luxury goods to industrial products.

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