Moon’s Hideout​

When a few rational thinkers get-together with a maverick and, together, create something with passion – one gets what we have here at BehindTheMoon Consultants. We are a team that is endlessly challenging prevailing wisdom and norms of managing Brands, People and Culture. And we simply love the description that one of our Clients has about us: Post-modernism purists! (God bless her). Our dislike for stereo-typing is as pronounced as it is for the use of demographics for clubbing target audiences for a brand.

We believe that demographics are for fossils. The world we live in today has no walls (symbolism of fall of the Berlin Wall is not lost on us and, yes, A Great Day For Freedom of Pink Floyd to Winds of Change of Scorpions became our anthems). We do all our ‘studies’ of consumers and prospects’ behaviour based on ‘Conversations’ that we have with them. We completely understand that most respondents are not deeply invested in the products/brands that we seek information on at point in time we interact with them.

So our ‘conversations’ are apparently casual, non-formatted and fun. We look at evidences and that’s what we observe while interacting. The insights that we base our recommendations are thus realistic, evidence-based and closer to reality. So most of the times we are out in the field ‘conversing’, chatting up with people (we love people), observing their behaviour, recording evidences. Once in a while you may need to see us grounded and that’s when we park ourselves at our ‘adda’ – our Moon’s Hideout.

One such ‘adda’ is at 4th Floor, Pioneer House, Sector 16, NOIDA. For our more interesting ‘addas’ – you will have to shoot us a mail at with ‘This Is Not A Bloody Spam’ as the Subject line.

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